The Trials of Topography

If you've been reading this blog, then you know that walking is a huge part of our parents' lives.  If the weather is agreeable, they will walk at least 5 or 6 times during the day.  Most of the walking takes place on our street.  Because I have walked the same routes with them so many times, I  am confident that I could walk the street blindfolded and never miss a step.  I would know that two houses down there is a giant bump in the sidewalk, and another couple houses down the trees are hanging so low that I need to duck to avoid hitting them.  And further down still the hedge has grown out so far over the sidewalk that I need to walk on tree lawn if I am walking next to my mom.  

This innate sense of the road is good and bad.  It helps me to help my parents avoid falling.  But when I see them out walking without someone at their side, I get anxious, knowing that the bump, or the branches are just ahead.  I find myself holding my breath until they are past the danger spot.  

As I was thinking about this constant sense of vigilance, it made me think of my faith and how God, the ultimate cartographer,  knows all of our roads so well and I started wondering if He holds His breath when He sees us headed into the danger spots.   But then I remembered that God's thoughts are not my thoughts.  He knows that the danger spots will sooner or later cause me to stumble and fall.  He is not holding His breath.  He is confident that the map He drew for my life will lead me to Him, as long as I seek to follow Him.