Separation Anxiety

J:  E and I are headed out of town for a girls' weekend this weekend.  This is the first time both of us will be gone at the same time since our parents moved to the Parkway.  I am very excited for the weekend, but I realize that I am also anxious about leaving our parents.

 It's sort of like when the kids were little and my husband and I would leave town.  The prep work to get ready to leave was exhausting.  I would write lists for the babysitter detailing the boys' schedules.  I would leave a list of numbers of friends, relatives and anyone else who would be involved with the boys while we were gone.  I would leave the insurance cards and doctor's information.  I would extoll the boys to be on their best behavior.  And then who knows what the hell would happen.  We would return home and the babysitter would look a little glassy-eyed and the boys would look a little rough. So would the house.  But they were alive.  

So this weekend I have to assume that our dad might spend a night in the recliner (or the "slanter as he calls it) since no one will be there to give him the "Americans sleep in beds" speech.  And our mom might sport a shirt belonging to our dad.  And who knows, dad might drink beer for breakfast.  But I'm sure they will survive.  And I'm sure we will have fun!