Words can heal, words can hurt…choose them wisely

K:  Random thoughts of my day so far:  What would this world be like if no one could talk?  Who would be fighting?  Who would be sitting in front of a TV watching a caustic political race where one person tries to outdo another with demeaning, outrageous words in their quest to win? What if people could only read the written word and not discuss it?  Would they think more?  Would they act differently?  Someone recently shared a factoid with me that said if all 8 year olds started to do yoga,  there would be no wars in the future.  What does that tell us?

So the verbal v. non verbal that E wrote of yesterday tells the sad story of how AD affects our ability to speak. but also highlights our ability to know what they are trying to say by physical movements, or "body language" which we all know can speak volumes.  

St. Teresa said that kindness can be seen by the blind and heard by the deaf.  I love that.  No words needed.  Maybe for today we should consider this and not worry about words.