Verbal v nonverbal....and the in between

E- Verbal skills become quite altered for the AD patient. Our Dad is a perfect example of that. J and I can recall just 12-18 months ago when we would argue with our Dad like we were filming a reality TV show. Usually the confrontation was regarding caregiver needs for our Mom or the dinner entree that was recently served/delivered. J and I were doing our best to manage from a mile away but still allow our Dad to think that he was the boss. Our Dad would call us at any time of the day or evening to scream and yell about a particular caregiver in the home and inform us that he would call the police to have the caregiver arrested for trespassing. Equally as frustrating were the verbal battles over the prepared or home cooked meals that J and I organized after our Mom baked some tupperware and caused a kitchen fire. Attempting to explain to our Dad the mandatory need for assistance in the home fell on deaf ears and a big mouth. 

Today things are different. Our Dad's verbal skills have drastically declined and his temper has mellowed compliments of the medications. His picky palate has politely enjoyed a wide variety of foods and his modified platform for protesting certain caregivers is to simply avoid them without speaking a word to anyone. This is a welcome change although it indicates further decline. 

Yesterday some extended family visited our parents and they were so happy to see these ladies. Our Mom received flowers from them which she is actively pruning and our Dad was gifted a six pack much to his delight. Our Dad recalled some good memories with our Aunt and they all enjoyed their time together. Our Dad's stories and memories are still in there.....stop by to encourage a tale or gifts required.