Dancing on the deck

E- The other night we were trying to keep our Dad awake late enough to eat dinner with us. It was a beautiful evening and we were all sitting outside. He was adamant about packing to move and was luring our Mom into their suite to assist with removing all of their possessions. Each time he came outside to discuss the pending move with her I would persuade him to dance with me on the deck. He had great recall of all the old 50's dance moves and Elvis was jamming through the speaker. We would sing along with the tunes until a switch would flip in our Dad and he was hot to continue packing up again. At one point while trying to hurry our Mom along she said to him  "G, I can't hear you, you need to speak up". Our Dad was done playing games at this point, he grizzled up his face and said "you need to SPEAKLY!"

A hush fell over the deck….even the music stopped….we all looked at each other…our Dad was really mad at so many things…mainly at our Mom which is simply impossible. My invitations to the dance floor were refused after that and he ate dinner in about 4 bites and went to bed. Our Mom shook it off easily and quickly, never even asking where he disappeared to after such a delightful evening!

Luckily she doesn't hold a grudge. And luckily I managed to dispense all of his knock out pills to him prior to his early bedtime. Luckily we can laugh! We are lucky to have one another and to be able to understand the Dad-ese language that he speaks!!!