Fear and Faith

E- Our parents now attend Mass 7 days per week. The Catholic faith has always been  an extremely important part of our parents lives and today it remains an important part of their routine. I often wonder if they continue to pray while attending the many weekly Masses, it's hard to tell what's going on in their minds. Our Dad usually looks at his watch approximately 27 times while in the pew and our Mom announces regular freeze warnings that are headed down the pew due to the cold temps inside the church.

Often as I see them leaving for Mass I'll ask our Mom to pray for me while at Mass. She will stop dead in her tracks and look me square in the eye and reply "why? Are you scared about something?" I always let her know I'm fine just looking for any extra assistance I can find!!

But her steady reply about being scared has made me think about our Mom's early years. Certainly everyone who is prayerful has a story of how their faith began. Our Mom is the oldest child of 13 kids, 7 of whom only lived hours or days because of Rh incompatibility (our Grandma was Rh negative and the babies were Rh positive, thankfully today we have Rhogam ). So consequently our Mom endured much sadness as she witnessed these births and deaths within days. I can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster that she experienced every time her Mom announced she was pregnant. I am sure she was scared.

Recently I have felt very scared witnessing my son's best friend spiral downward from alcohol and drug addiction. I immediately turned to God and asked for His intervention in this mess that we were facing. I didn't share my fear with our Mom but I did share it with God and He got right on it! Miracles do happen and my son's friend is recovering today! So if feeling scared is what leads you to the Lord, so be it. Get there, stay there. You'll want and need God in your life again and again.