K:  I am heading back to Cleveland to see my parents this weekend with mixed emotions.  Having not seen them since late March, I am eager to be there, hug them and try to communicate what we have all been doing.  On the flip side, I know in these 3 short months there has been considerable decline in cognitive abilities, especially in my Mom.  This is always hard to witness upon my arrival.  Seeing it daily you get used to it I suppose, but going away for a while and coming back you realize just how destructive this disease really is.

I am hoping for a good weekend;  one filled with laughing, a little golf, some walks, good food and of course, the Dortmunder conversations!  I can't wait to see my Dad's new sandals and apparently he can't wait to show them to me like he does to everyone he meets!  LOL

I have received my marching orders from E as to when I am needed to be "on duty" due to a little shortage of help.  I am happy to do whatever.  I also want to visit a friend whose Dad passed away last week from ALZ.  He was a friend of our parents too.  His/their journey has ended but a new one has begun.  I am grateful I still get to see and touch my parents but I pray their journey won't be much longer.  This is too hard on them, and so hard on love ones to watch.  

Stay tuned for updates from the Parkway.  When we all get together things are always so much more fun!!