Tennis, Anyone?

J:While it's true that tennis is the game where Love means nothing, growing up in our house, tennis was a family event.  Almost all of us played to some extent, and the happiest memories I have of time spent with my dad are my memories of our epic battles on the court.  

Our mom was never truly an athlete, but she loved the tennis togs that were a part of the game so she would play often enough to warrant a new outfit each season.   She was also an avid fan, watching the Grand Slam events on TV and reading about them (often out loud) the next morning.  She spoke of the players as if she knew them personally and she watched the matches as if she had money on them.  She knew when Chris Evert was injured or Martina Navratilova broke another sports record.  Tennis was her wheelhouse.

So here we are at the start of  Wimbeldon .  She couldn't be happier.  Thanks to the miracle that is cable TV, she can watch tennis for hours on end.  She never knows who's playing, but she rarely misses a point.  Her remarks "look at how fast she is" or "can you believe how strong he is" haven't changed much at all.  She still speaks tennis.

 I'm grateful for the game of tennis and all the love it has brought to our family.