Well Dressed Man...

E- Our Dad was always very conscientious of his wardrobe...especially the professional dress code. His suits were well tailored including cufflinks and a tie bar as well.  I recall one day probably 30 years ago driving in downtown Cle with our Dad. The streets were bustling with business folk and my Dad made 2 declarations to me regarding fashion that clearly stuck with me. Number one, men do not wear short sleeve oxfords with a tie and number 2 men should ALWAYS wear a their suit jacket while walking from A to B. I asked why (more regarding the suit jacket because it was a really hot day) and our Dad said "totally unprofessional...I'd never buy anything from a guy in half a suit". 

Well, well, well. How AD changes the "look" of our man today. Last year we were forced to tolerate bermuda shorts, white knee high compression socks (related to blood clots that had resolved but he was fixated on the socks) and bright white tennis shoes. This look sorta said "watch out world, I'm comin' in hot and a little sideways!" Thankfully we have destroyed the compression socks and he hasn't questioned their whereabouts.

This summer's replacement you ask?? ....a lateral move toward a different fashion trend. Our brother was kind enough and patient enough to take G to Dick's Sporting Goods for some summer footwear. The Keen sandals  are great...but Keens with white sweat socks send a different message.  The grandsons feel they reveal his German side a bit too much. Well too bad, there's no chance of losing the socks. Those Hanes ankle rise are here to stay for the season! And he LOVES LOVES LOVES the sandals!!

The advantage to these fashion statements is that in the event we experience another Amber Alert we will ALWAYS be able to describe what he was wearing! So strut your stuff G...we will track you down!!