Amber Alert

 G: A scary moment Friday. A call to my cell from a Good Samaritan who said they had found my dad at an apartment complex a half mile from home. He couldn't tell me where he was but the Good Samaritan was able to. Upon arriving there I found him smiling and apologizing holding a piece of paper with my phone number on it.
 Thank you God for watching out for dad. 
 There are no coincidences!
J: I had just been alerted to the fact that our dad was MIA. When I headed out to look for him I noticed G's car in the drive across the street. He filled me in on his rescue.  After he left I asked our dad what he was doing at the apartment complex.  He looked so confident as he started to answer, but, true to form, he had no words.  A few hand gestures, a couple of random phrases about putting together the deal - that was all he had to offer.  I told him in no uncertain terms that he cannot leave the Parkway.  In borrowing a couple of terms from our mom's lexicon, I told him that his wings are clipped.  Period. Amen.  End of discussion.