Sleeping Beauty

E- Our Mom has not been herself this week. She has been so so sleepy and reporting feeling "quizy and raspy". Her physical assessment checks out, lungs are clear, heart rate normal, blood pressure normal, normal abdominal assessment, steady gait and equal strength bilaterally. These findings indicate one of two things: There's more going on medically than meets the eye OR she's simply forgetting to get up. 

Both of our parents are DNR-CC (do not resuscitate-comfort care). I have been reminding myself of that all week as I watch her sleep away the morning hours and wake via suggestion from a caregiver at 12:30. This ongoing sleepiness is troubling for our Dad too. He is asking "how will this be made even?" None of us really know what that means (much like the symptoms quizy and raspy) but he has worn out the carpeted entry way to the suite with his many visits to check on her. 

I am sure that poking and prodding her in the ER would turn up many issues. She is currently medication free so I am positive that we are not seeing a reaction. A hospital admission would certainly consist of multiple studies and meds and maybe unnecessary days in a hospital bed. She would not complete her late afternoon flower pruning, neighborhood strolls or encounters with her adoring grandsons. Needless to say the hospital care would be average at best. 

Today we have turned the corner....T is up and about in the morning, commenting on all things that are important to her, patting our Dad on the head adding a quick kiss to his forehead and accompanying the caregivers on all trips to the grocery store. Our watchful waiting paid off. Maybe she was exhausted from all the Cavs celebrations. Whatever the case, we've got her back to baseline and our household is back to normal! 

Thank you caregivers for your undivided attention this week. The many texts and phone calls were much appreciated! I think it's safe to say you all love her like she's your Mom. Thanks for that too!- E xoxo