Slow me down Lord

K:  Why is it so hard to slow down?  Why do we drive ourselves crazy in the quest for busy thinking we're enough if we are productive?  Why is it so hard to "just be" and be okay with it?  Where does the fear of stillness come from or is it a fear only I suffer from?

I have been working for the past 8 years with a man who suffers from Parkinson's disease.  A few times a week I go to the pool and help him move his muscles and elevate his heart rate in the hopes of keeping him ambulatory.  He is the sweetest man.  In the last year the disease has made considerable inroads and his ability to communicate has been greatly affected.  We aren't able to chat about the daily headlines as we go about our routine, but if asked a question he is still able to answer me

Today I realized another reason why I so enjoy these hours I spend with him; he slows ME down.  I have to speak very slowly every time I change up a move and I have to be very direct in telling him how do to something and then I have to wait, because his brain works slower and the  connections take some time. This is the gift he gives me.  The ability for me to realize that after 50+ years maybe I am developing the patience I pray for daily.  His ability to do what I ask of him on some days astounds me and his resolve to get it done is so admirable and honest.  He truly makes me want to try harder with all my struggles.

Today I am grateful for the people in my life who show me the tenacity of the human will and help to SLOW ME DOWN!!