Landscaping movement

E- It appears that our Dad is no longer packing to move but planning some sort of elaborate garden. Much of yesterday's conversations included the word "garden". Our Dad never did anything in the yard besides trim the shrubbery, maybe edge the yard and order the many yards of mulch for delivery….then skip off to play tennis and demand the clean up/mulch spreading  from us. Fights would erupt while he was gone and more upon his return when he would drag us back out to highlight our shortcomings regarding yard clean up and such. (Keep in mind this was not a paid position or even one that tipped for a job well done, so there was little motivation on our end).

So hearing of our Dad discuss the gardening plans and the large circular gesturing he was doing with his hands was interesting. I agreed with everything he said but our Mom maybe took it too seriously, or so it appeared. She was found in multiple front yards yesterday picking up leaves, twigs, rocks and toys. She would return to our home with these large handfuls and each time explain it as only she is capable of doing. So was she clearing space for the garden? At one point our Dad blew in the front door quite anxious about obtaining a bag for Mother to put everything in..I followed him out with the bag and discovered that our Mom had found a neighbor's broom and had done a really nice job sweeping their driveway! Together the 3 of us collected the sweepings and took a walk around the block. 

While walking with the grocery bag of garbage in hand, our Mom collected additional litter and/or leaves from our neighborhood. Maybe she's heading up a "Keep our Neighborhood Clean" committee…maybe she now feels that Cleveland really needs to clean up as we are NBA champs…whatever the case she is on a clean up kick! I'm happy she can see, squat, bend and (as always) comment fully on each item she bags up!!