Father's Day after……..

K:  Here it is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.  It actually felt like the longest day of the year yesterday, Father's Day!   My mother in law came over for a 7 hour sit-in and frequently commented on how much she misses her husband; my husband was laid out on the couch with the flu and my Dad was "traveling" somewhere not on this planet.  

It's so natural to take people and things for granted.  On a day honoring someone who is no longer with us, it causes you to pause and realize the shortness of life.  In our situation with our Dad still being here, but really not, it's tough.   I speak to him on the phone less and less due to his inability to communicate but yesterday's conversation had moments of clarity for which I was grateful.   Since he does not see me often he is never really sure who he is talking to but yesterday when I asked him if he would like to golf with me when I visit in July his response was "absolutely"!!  This made me smile.  I'm looking forward to seeing him and bringing my clubs so we can have a few holes of chatter and competition.  Never one to ever like defeat, a gene I inherited, I already know he will win.  And having him to visit is truly a win-win.

Thanks to J for a great, poignant blog yesterday in honor of our wonderful Dad.  I look forward to hearing any new words he may have……..always a literary showcase!!