Lunch Date with Dad's Besties

Three of our dad's old friends came over for lunch yesterday.  One of them, an usher in his wedding, lives out of town and called to schedule the lunch weeks ago.  Of course, we couldn't mention anything to him until yesterday morning. He seemed genuinely happy to see all of them when I rolled in at noon with lunch from the deli. They had dug out some old pictures (that our dad had been busy "packing for the move") and were hard at work trying to identify who was who in each picture.  It was sad to see dad's friends easily picking out familiar faces while he looked on quietly without adding any names of his own.  But he was quick to pull out the Dortmunder, and he even remembered that one of his friends is a member of the Club and offered him a soft drink.  That was pretty amazing.  

After delivering lunch I had to leave for an appointment so I said my good byes.  Much to my surprise, the whole gang was still there when I drove past three hours later!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  The caregiver reported the telling of lots of old stories and many laughs.  She said our mom seemed to enjoy the afternoon more than our dad.  (At one point she said he followed her into the garage and said "get these guys out of here").  These events take a lot out of him.  

They left shortly after three.  Lots of pictures taken and lots of memories shared.  A good afternoon for both mom and dad.  And MANY, MANY thanks to our dad's faithful friends.  You are truly a blessing to all of us.

And then our dad went right back to packing . . .