Father's Day Tribute

Happy Father's Day to all the dads of the world.  In honor of our dad, here are a few of his favorite words and phrases:

Riverside:  Generally means to turn around or reverse a direction or decision.  Not sure of the origin of this but every time something or someone seems to be headed in the wrong direction, he suggests a Riverside. 

On the Line: Referring to anything happening on the internet

Googilzed:  Referring to anything related to a computer.  He has never been very tech savvy so when he would try to go "on the line" and things didn't work out as planned he would assume his computer had been googilized.  

Burger: Dad's favorite food and the only word he associates with my second son.  He remembers that Burger was my son's first word and constantly refers to him as Burger  

Rock Pile: The driving range at his club is referred to as the Rock Pile  

St. V:  Dad's alma mater  Has been vainly attempting to get one of the grandsons to attend for years.  Located in beautiful Latrobe PA.  Home of Rolling Rock beer.  

Horizon: What he calls the cell phone store (Verizon).  Constantly amazed when his Horizon phone rings. 

Discovery: His Discover card.  No idea where the "y" came from

Slanter: His name for the recliner that he prefers to sleep in if allowed.

Bitsybooklies: A term generally meaning some sort of crazy.  Usually accompanied by a knock to the head to indicate where the crazy is located.

Dortmunder:  Anyone who has been reading this blog will know that this is his drink of choice, and the answer to many of his problems.

Clearly our Dad has a unique vocabulary and way of expressing himself.  But truly there are no words to describe the humble, generous, hardworking man he is.  He has been a wonderful provider, husband and father for over 50 years.  We are so blessed to call him dad.  Happy Father's Day Dad.  We love you!!