Are they talking about me?

E- Our Dad's "knock out pills" required a refill from the Dr. this week so I began on Tue with calls to the Dr.'s voicemail which instructed me to call the pharmacy and THEY would call the Dr for the refill request. So acting as the compliant daughter/NP/HCPOA for our parents I followed all of the rules. Nothing was resolved on Tue or Wed. I was feeling a bit frustrated with this scenario by Thu …actually really frustrated.  I placed one final call to the pharmacy (announcing confidently and possibly loudly that I am the daughter/NP/HCPOA) and the Dr. I then decided that a personal visit to the pharmacy was in order to resolve this once and for all. 

I sorta knew things would go sideways when I walked into the main doors and I was not greeted by the volunteer greeter. Did they know I was coming? I calmly approached the pharmacy and stated our Dad's name and asked if by any chance the medication refill had been called in by the Dr. The pharmacist overheard our discussion and chimed in with a "no..nothing yet…sorry". Then another pharmacy employee said "but we can give you 3 days to hold him until we figure this out". we are making some progress!

So as I waited and perused the many styles and sizes of band-aids shelved near the pharmacy I listened to the 2 individuals behind the pharmacy. One said to the other "Oh..and don't forget she's the NP/daughter/HCPOA for her Dad"….and the other one piped up "and don't forget how important she is"….Wait a minute…are they talking about me???

I considered my options. But at 8pm on a Thursday I was tired, but this definitely annoyed me. So I approached the pharmacy when they called our Dad's name. I asked the employees "are you talking about his daughter E?" They said yes. I said "she's actually pretty nice considering that both of her parents have AD and they both live with her, her husband and 3 kids".

They asked who I was and I told them the truth, that I was a caregiver for them. And as I left the store I said goodnight to the greeter. The End.