Life is "sweet"

K:  Monday is always "dinner with Jean", my mother-in-law.  She loves to come and calls every day to ask if it's Monday!!  This past Monday she showed up with her usual "Hi, Gimme a Hug and I love you".  She starts with her multiple questions of where is everyone and who is still in school and if they have graduated, "did I send them a card".  This was played out about 20x Monday.  

Dinner itself is always an ordeal as she is never hungry and even if given one bite of food, she can "never eat that much".  HOWEVER, when it's time for dessert, she can't be stopped!  So I've now just begun to throw a pan of brownies in every Monday afternoon for "Mom's dinner".  I guess at the age of 91 you can pretty much eat what you want, and who wouldn't like to eat only desserts!!