Transient Alzheimers?

E- Yesterday our Mom amazed us. A new caregiver had to take her to her hair appointment for the first time. Our Mom directed her from my driveway to the salon. She knew every turn and when to say "watch it" to the driver. She also identified a shirt that previously belonged to her but shrunk to my size. I had it on under a lab coat the other day and she said "hey, that's my shirt". Really?

Yesterday was pedicure day with our Mom. As J and I were discussing the above mentioned facts I suggested challenging our Mom a little more. Maybe we do too much for her...maybe she is capable of more than we give her credit for...As J turned to begin a Q&A with our Mom she found her putting her socks right over the pedicure flip flop. Hold the Q&A. 

I drove my Mom home from 'toes' (as we refer to it) the long way to run some errands. Again she directed my all the way home "turn left, turn right". We came to a light and for whatever reason she opened the car door and she didn't know how to close it. So...a quick run around the car in MY pedicure flip flops to close it and we were on the road again! 

She's a great navigator with a great eye for her Orvis fashion. We returned home safely and she immediately took to relocating the gifted floral arrangement from her sister in law. And I solved the missing laundry basket debacle by retrieving it from the front porch where she felt it belonged.

Suffice it to say, her diagnosis remains Alzheimers.