Spiraling down with dementia

E- All elderly folks get sick quickly...grad school faculty lectured that elderly and pediatric patients are almost equal in terms of how a simple upper respiratory infection or GI bug can undo their current health status. This fact is very true and playing out with our Dad this week. His cough came on suddenly and by last night he was falling asleep standing up in CVS while we waited for his antibiotics. He was trying to tell me his symptoms but nothing was making sense. He really didn't need to verbalize his thoughts because every inch of him looked terrible. Watery, red, droopy eyes, pale skin,  hunched shoulders, coughing, hair standing on end and wearing the wool sweater that he added when I invited him to take a drive with me. I was really hoping that no one approached us while we waited with 6 other people in the pick up line...thankfully he had the cart to lean on while we stood there discussing what kind of ice cream to buy.

We returned home to find our Mom walking up the driveway with a pile of folded laundry. I was the only one phased by this, our Dad commented "oh...there's my mother". We all walked in together and I identified the neatly folded clothes as Dad's sweaters, towels and socks.  Phew.... T had not raided a neighbor's laundry room while we were out. She is a woman on the move lately...venturing out on her own to visit and walk. Thankfully the hood knows her and although she moves silently she still moves slowly. She's not hard to catch.

So...catch us if you can for a visit ... G has a lunch date today at noon, T has personal training at 1:00 but the remaining hours of the day are wide open!!!