Happy Mother's Day!

E-It's a gorgeous day here in Cleveland and I am honored to be celebrating this year with my Mom (and Dad) in our home. Today we are having a huge party here for all the mothers in our lives! The pig is already on the spit in the yard and coolers are prepped :)

In honor of our Mom I thought I'd reflect on some of her favorite phraseology:

'OK Folks'- This phrase is heard each night after dinner...I think it's sorta of a wrap up term...

'Holy cats'- Exclamation

'Gads'- synonym for holy cats

'At any rate'- this is another wrap up term, usually used to end a phone conversation

'your wings are clipped'- this was soft phrase for 'you're grounded'

'absolutely positively out of the question'- synonym for 'no'.

'Let's scoot'- time to go

'Don't die out there'- don't be late returning (usually used when she was watching our kids...we were always on a tight return time with her)

'Well that's fine for him/her'- This usually means that the situation belonging to him/her isn't of huge concern to our Mom but she feels obligated to comment on it

'Nothing good happens after midnight'- self explanatory...but she would still say it each summer night as one was headed out the door for the evening.

'don't stay out till the last dog is hung' synonymous for nothing good happens after midnight

'you've got a strong mind and healthy body' said to daughters returning home from college with freshman 15.  Indicative of need to lose weight.

'You look real sharp'  said weight has been lost

'....period, amen, end of discussion'- whatever the topic of discussion, it is no longer being discussed and should not be mentioned again.

ok folks, I think that's about all of 'em! And here is our gal now...coming out of her room with 2 pairs of shoes, a bag of cough drops and a potted plant! It's gonna be an awesome day!!

Hug your Mom today if she's around...call her up if she's available and catch some phrases!!