Observing this am as I live within.....

This is B. AKA "The Dad". As I sit and have my coffee on the back patio this sunny morning, I can watch something amazing happen through the glass kitchen/patio doors. Two people sit side by side eating their oatmeal with fruit and drinking their decaf coffee. Not much is said between them but any stranger would understand that they are together and have been for a long, long time. They like it that way and they are happy!

It's shift change for the caregivers. They briefly communicate what has been done and what still needs to get done. One tags in and one tags out. This morning ritual is complete. Now on to assisting our happy couple with getting their day started. this task is a little less smooth as T wanders around the house in total stealth mode (SO QUIET) and the caregiver tries to get G dressed for his day of activities. The caregiver has played this game before and once she finds T she has our famed couple dressed and looking shiny for their day.

Simultaneously E and J are out running a race for some charity, C is getting ready for an all day Lax tourny and Bella sits next to me scratching herself. All of these moving parts in concert everyday are truly amazing to witness. Now some days are more like an ACDC concert rather than a Mozart symphony, but at least we are all still dancing to the music.