Do I have "the gene"??

K:  My intentions were worthy.  I had planned to spend Mother's day weekend in Cleveland with my sisters and Mom.  The chardonnay had been purchased and plans had been made for a fun-filled weekend.  I know everyone looks forward to my visits as I usually stir the pot and get everything/one going on one tangent or another. . .such is the responsibility of the oldest to do these things!!!

So Thursday I arrive at DFW at 6 am to catch my flight north and realize when I put my credit card in the kiosk to retrieve my boarding pass, that it is, in fact, not mine, but my friend's who sat next to me at dinner the night before.  Apparently neither one of us realized we had the cards switched.  Oh well I thought this is an inconvenience but not the end of the world.  So I pull out another cc and resume my search for my boarding pass.  It's still telling me no ticket found.  I am thinking what the hell is wrong with this machine--it's too early to be dealing with this and the airport security line is so long and I am starting to have major hot flashes.  I go to the desk and state my problem and the very kind, patient man at AA tries nicely to tell me that I'm just another dumb blonde who reserved her ticket but never got around to PAYING FOR IT!!!!   OMG…are you kidding me?   Why do I always seem to have so many airport foibles??   

A new ticket was going to cost me $800 so I declined and called my husband and asked him to turn around and pick me back up. This made his day, but I left many unhappy in Cleveland.

As my sister reminded me, Mom won't realize you didn't make it and we can start talking about when you're going to attempt to come back again!! Thanks for the levity J!!

Happy Mother's Day---where ever you are!!