Professional People

E- Our Dad sold insurance for years and our Mom was (is) a registered nurse. I have to say 'is' a nurse because any time we discuss someone who is ill we ask our Mom what her professional opinion is related to the patient, diagnosis, plan of care etc. She always has a response and it's usually quite interesting but always very serious.  Most recently the patient was one of our caregivers. Unfortunately while exiting the hair salon the caregiver tripped and fell. My Mom witnessed the event and ...well...she belly laughed. She laughed so hard that the caregiver also laughed at herself. For whatever reason our Mom did not take this patient situation seriously and each time it was discussed during the day she would again LOL!!!!

Our Dad also had a blast from the past recently with an old colleague/friend from the insurance world. The gentleman was visiting from out of state and wanted to see our Dad. Unfortunately he too is dealing with dementia so the lunch date was chaperoned by our brother and the friend's son. I only mentioned the date to our Dad 20 minutes before they arrived because otherwise he would have been extremely anxious. Thankfully 20 minutes allowed him enough time to freshen up and change his clothes with my help and shave (again). It was like a week day work day watching him get ready. I managed to keep him calm but I could tell he was nervous, excited and rounding the bend on anxious. He was cautiously shaving his face when he said "this is gonna be a real shit kicker today". I have no idea what that meant but I laughed and so did our Dad.

And the date was a success...our Dad put his best professional foot forward and pulled it off! And for what it's worth he did not notice any changes in his was just another insurance lunch date with a colleague. Perfect.