I hate to admit that I am wrong and thankfully it does not happen often!!  But it's been brought to my attention that my lack of involvement in our blog has caused a bit of frustration and aggravation amongst the writers.  I guess, as I best understand it,  a general lack of support for the cause has been my shortcoming. I can understand it although it was never my intent.

Not living around a situation on a daily basis can make one feel isolated and sometimes left out of the fun.  The daily funnies shared amongst my sisters are sometimes a secret code that only they understand. They are the ones that live in the dizzy world of dementia on a daily basis. Frankly, I don't know if I could.

Often times AD is referred to as a disease of the caregiver.  It is a difficult, overwhelming and emotion filled ride that can seem endless and at times too much.  Finding good support is key and keeping that support is essential.  You may not think you can support someone from miles away, but you can.  The written word, or better yet, the spoken word of encouragement and support is the best way to keep the lines of communication open and let the caregiver know you're there for THEM and are willing to LISTEN to what they are going through .   Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions.  No one is a mind reader.

So my mea culpa for falling short in this regard, and I will strive to become a consistent blog writer!!  But more importantly to never let you feel my lack of support with something you feel is so important.  Thank you both for all you do for our parents.