In the Kitchen With T

J:  Because we bought our parents' home, my kitchen sink used to be our mom's kitchen sink.  I could pretty much be guaranteed that she would be standing at the sink every day when I came home from school.  It was her command post.  

Yesterday she was back at the sink.  She was helping me prepare for the Memorial Day picnic by dicing up the potato salad ingredients.  She needed a lot of direction and supervision, but once she was set up, her chopping and dicing skills reappeared and she was right at home.  She looked so comfortable surveying the kitchen from her post.  She even remarked to one of the boys who grabbed a bagel and was nosily eating it over the kitchen sink that he should "grab a plate, sit down and make it a meal".  That was a comment straight out of her playbook back in the day.  Once the salad prep was complete she turned to throw it all in the sink and I caught her just before it was too late.  Together we put everything in the bowl.

It was great to have her help.  The potato salad was one of our best.