Everyone needs a holiday

E- It's a holiday weekend for most people but things on the Parkway still require 24/7 care. Thankfully our devoted caregivers are still on for the entire weekend! This dedication allows our family some time to be together. An added bonus for our caregiver today is our brother hosting lunch and a Tribe game for our parents.

I just announced this date to our Dad following our walk and a beer. He is so excited to see his son and spend some time with him. He is packing up a briefcase full of framed pictures to take with him to lunch. This activity is the new obsession for sure but it's far more manageable than emptying all the clothes from his closet and parading them around the house asking which car to put them into for transport.

AD is the disease of the caregivers. Caregivers must take breaks to avoid burnout. Respite services are available through Assisted Living facilities and some nursing homes. The Alzheimers Association also offers lists of caregiver and respite services for the community. I highly recommend creating a support system if you are the primary caregiver. You will need it at some point and as these blogs have mentioned, quality caregivers DO exist!!!

Take a break...refresh your spirit and then return to your loved one with energy!