Field trip!

G- I had a nice visit with our parents over the weekend, driving down to our high school Alma mater to see if spring football practice might be underway. We discovered a lacrosse game against our cross count rivals which got our Dad talking. 

But his stomach trumps everything so off to lunch for a burger and a dortmunder. I tried to talk with both of them but not much sense was being made by either so I just made statements that needed affirmation or yes/no answers and shared my recent travels with them. Our Dad loves to hear about my business exploits and tried to chime in with good insight and value as he used to ...but now it's just porridge. It's sad. 

After lunch we went to the west side market which brought our Mom alive. Between O'Reilly's Irish soda bread, the butcher and babies in strollers, this kept our Mom smiling. Seeing our Mom smile makes me smile. It was a great few hours with our folks, they went home happy, full and ready for a nap.