The Parkway Protection

E- I realized on Sunday that I am a protector...a fierce protector at that. After a brief exchange with a Plain Township, Ohio police officer on Sunday who was experiencing a power trip with his badge and such...we returned home with a 20-0 lacrosse record for our 8th grade son. So so proud of him and his entire team. 

As we drove home I contacted the Parkway boys who were patrolling the Sunday night family dinner with their Grandparents. They had ordered up carry out, served it up and cleaned it up by the time we rolled in at 6:30pm. How great is our team? Thanks boys!! 

I began the bedtime process first with our Dad who was visibly tired and requesting to go to bed but then interjecting the need to locate his clothes and find transportation for all of his belongings to facilitate his move to Cleveland. I slowly and calmly reminded him that he was already in Cleveland and that as luck would have it all of his belongings were stored right here in this very room. We toured the 2 closets and bookshelves to view all of the items belonging to him. I encouraged him to crawl into bed since he had just received his knock out pills and brushed his teeth. Twice he sat on the bed and took a deep breath....then stood up again to walk around the room in an attempt to figure out how he would get to the "big house in the sky". It was at this time that I realized our Mom was solo in the kitchen. Oops. I found her simply saturating kleenex tissues and forcing them down the bar sink which only offers a drain, no disposal. I gently guided her back to their bedroom and this calmed our Dad to see that she too was headed to bed. 

This is why my sweet, innocent (sometimes frustrating) parents are here on the Parkway...the 45 minute bedtime process would not go this well night after night in a facility. The staff would struggle with the time consuming rituals that are nearly routine for our Dad. Not every day is perfect around here. Our daily goals include kindness towards the duo, patience while explaining and reexplaining each topic and keeping them safe. Protect...protect...protect!