Double Duty

E- As kids our parents would alert the entire neighborhood if/when they were traveling and leaving us in the hands of a 'supervisor'. This guardian was often times the Yugoslavian housekeeper (Louise) who helped clean our house with our Mom twice a month. If Louise was employed as overnight supervisor we all knew ...GAME ON!! A lot (I mean a lot) of things got by good old Louise. And we weren't afraid to keep raising the 'bad teenager bar' of behavior while she baked delicious breakfasts and desserts for us. 

This weekend J and her man are out of town and her cleaning lady is not in charge. (Which is an interesting thought though...) But we are in charge from across the street...Aunt Mom makes daily visits to discover and uncover the events of the past 24 hours. The additional bonus are the many unannounced visits from T&G. Although they are less than accurate historians when I ask 'what was going on over there', some of their replies could be 100% true regardless of the bizarre nature of the content.

Each day we review that J is out of town and where she may be and when she will return. The return date is critical for all of us, namely the 9 boys residing at her house. J...if you're reading you mind cars parked on your lawn? Dad is asking for everyone's keys....hope your boys told all of the fraternity brothers over there that G is NOT a licensed driver !!