Some Things Never Change

J: AD changes just about every aspect of a person's demeanor.  But yesterday we saw one part of our mom that has remained unchanged. When she doesn't want to do something, NOTHING and NOONE can make her do it.  She has been working with a personal trainer twice a week to help with her balance and flexibility.  Initially she was lukewarm about these sessions and we had to cajole her in to going.  Once she was there she did fine and seemed to enjoy the special attention.  But each time the next appointment would roll around she would add additional resistance.  Her refusals started with "I don't think that's for me today" and "I'll have to think about whether or not I want to go" to "I'm absolutely not going".

 Well yesterday, she reached a new level of resistance.  The caregiver brought her to the gym and opened the car door for her.  But she wouldn't get out. She folded her stubborn German arms and just sat there. Her trainer came out and tried to convince her to come in, telling her how much she was looking forward to seeing her. And, without missing a beat, our mom said "well, now you've seen me".  And shut the car door.  

So I guess going forward balance and flexibility might suffer, but that stubborn streak seems to be gaining ground!