E- Here's a word that is critical for dementia management. The physical need for human contact is imperative for those who are diagnosed with dementia. We realized that touch was missing from our parent's lives a couple years ago so we hired a massage therapist to go to their home twice a month. Initially both of them participated but our Dad quickly developed reasons why he couldn't receive the 'lady rub down' as he called it. Our Mom still loves the massages and Lindsey is fantastic with her. The other day while our Dad was frantically packing for his move (now decidedly Chicago bound) I sat him down in the kitchen and started rubbing his shoulders and scratching his back. I think it was the first time he sat still all day and I could feel his muscles relaxing. He didn't attempt to jump out of his seat and the back rub mellowed him until dinner was served. 

The psychological need for keeping in touch is also imperative for those who are managing two parents with dementia. Although we predicted that the blog would be frowned upon by certain family members it's time to get past 'your style vs our style'. Our large family has put aside MANY issues to remain together and this one shouldn't be any different. All good things are happening on the parkway for and with your siblings. Where are you?

I'll be torturing the high school track soon to watch the sunrise. This is my time to get my head in the game for the next 4 days while I'm clocked out of work and clocked into dementia management. Please decide if you're in the game or riding the bench.