It's Dementia Awareness Week- Don't Forget!

This week, May 15-21, is National Dementia Awareness week. All Alzheimer's Association chapters are using the week to raise awareness about the prevalence of AD and what we can do about it.

 Unfortunately, at this point, their tips are all about managing AD.  There are no tips for curing or even preventing the disease.  In reading through the list, I realize that we ARE doing all we can to manage the disease.  Keep a routine- check.  Use memory aids - check.  Keep their hobbies going- check.  Get fresh air and exercise- check.  We are doing all we can do, yet we are watching our parents slip away daily.  

This disease is sinister.  It sneaks up on you and then surrounds you.  I challenge you to find one person who doesn't know someone with AD or some form of dementia.  It's everywhere!  In our world, every week is Dementia Awareness Week.  If we don't find a cure, soon everyone will be in our world. 

Please donate what you can to research to eradicate this disease.