Moving Day

Yesterday marked the 7 month anniversary of our parents living on the Parkway.  Despite being settled in and seemingly happy, our dad is always planning to move.  He usually announces plans to move late in the day.  While eating dinner, he'll look over at our mom and say "Well, mother, what do you say?  Are you ready to shove off?  Our mom will respond with a quizzical look and a nervous laugh, saying "well, hon, where would we go?"  And then the moving plans are unveiled.  

He starts with the need to pack up "everything".  "Everything" varies from day to day.  Sometimes it's his shoes that need to be packed, other times it's the array of framed pictures that adorn their room.  Yesterday's moving plans included packing up his golf clubs.  He assiduously unloaded all of the golf balls from his bag (most of them were range balls he had pilfered from his club!)  These were loaded in to a brown paper bag.  He then produced two pairs of shoes from the bag and packed those as well.  When he had found a safe spot for his golf glove he announced that the clubs were ready to go.  I asked where they were going to go and he was quick to answer that they were coming with him.  When I reminded him that he wasn't going anywhere because he is already home he just shrugged his shoulders and said ok. The clubs were returned to his bedside (where they are safe, he explained) and moving plans were put on hold.  For now.  I'm sure he'll be shoving off again soon.