Agency staff...or college boys?

E- Yesterday we had a caregiver call off due to illness plenty early enough to enlist the new arrivals to the parkway....the college boys. Their options for yesterday originally included closet clean out, washing multiple garbage bags of their laundry that arrived Sat and were starting to move (possibly) and/or a grocery run as that hasn't happened here yet to accommodate the extra mouths...

Well...all of those 'fun' options went out the window when they were drafted into duty. We let them sleep as long as possible while we J and I crafted the announcement of Daisy duty and all the 'fun' they would have working together for the day! 

The texts with questions and running commentary of the day were endless..."Gma won't come inside"..."Gma is eating her salad with her hands at the restaurant"...."Gpa is packing...does he really have a flight tomorrow?" ...."Why is Gpa packing all the framed pics and golf clubs from his room?"...Gpa is drinking Dortmunder and it's only 11:00...can we join him?"

Why not...if there's no flight, no golf game, no forks and it's raining...what would Dr Seuss say?? Probably something along the lines of "Drink a Dort"...And so they did...then they got out the pellet gun and started shooting targets in the yard. (Needless to say our routine staff DOES NOT drink or shoot weapons while on the job). Apparently being a Parkway resident has some 'perks'. So I walked in at 5pm to find the college boys (still drinking) unloading and reloading the dishwasher and serving Happy Hour drinks to the duo. There weren't any fires or floods in the house, car ignitions were off, both of the parkway dogs appeared intact, a load of wash was noted in the master suite and T&G were pleasantly observing the boys hard at work in the kitchen. they can handle this I guess....8 hours of dementia management and possibly 8 Dorts...(or so)...they were quick to clock out at 6pm when their friend arrived to pick them up to go 'fishing'. Something tells me there's another story within that tale but I will not be privy to those details and that's just fine for me. 

A calm has come over the parkway just in time for the Cavs game... one excitement ends around here and we tip off another:) GO CAVS!!!!!