The comforts of home...continued

E- Our Mom was a 100% homemaker. Although she maintained her nursing license throughout our upbringing she focused on working within the home. And she did just that. The comforts of home were many..including daily breakfast prep, lunch packing, delivery of forgotten items to school, school shopping (per her requirements) and 7 square dinners per week. She always informed us of her daily chores while we were studying away at school..these chores included placing all the screens in the windows every spring, cleaning out the fireplace, replacing furnace filters, polishing the kitchen cabinets with Mutchlers, kitchen/house cleaning, endless grocery shopping and nonstop cooking of (average) meals...which were loved by all. 

So today I continuously do my best to leave out a broom/dustpan, simple pots/pans in the kitchen sink requiring washing, one basket per day of clean laundry for folding purposes, empty but open brown paper bags for folding purposes and poorly arranged pillows/blankets on the sofas for our Mom to rearrange.  This allows our Mom to feel that she's contributing to maintaining a household which was her gig for 50+ the comforts of home continue...although sometimes clean pots/pans are in the sink, freshly folded kitchen towels are unfolded to create baskets of clean laundry and I often text the boys who are in the kitchen to take out a pile of brown bags and open them then scatter them around kitchen and family room area....and our Mom is like white on rice. She is drawn to household tasks and that's a fact. 

I'm so glad that she is mobile, capable and has maintained this level of dexterity. So many individuals have commented that we are lucky to have this level of function at this time. We know and we are encouraging all that we can. Our Mom is also receiving personal training 2 days per week to work on her overall strength and continued mobility. Not only is the 'prep' to get her to training extremely entertaining (and sure to be a post later on) but her commentary following her workout with the extremely kind female trainer is so so so funny!!! 

Yes.... we are a lucky, loving and funny group. We hope you all realize that.