K:  I attended an event last night in honor of my daughter's best friend who lost her life at the young age of 18 to Ewings Sarcoma.  They have started a foundation in her name to help other "Ewing warriors" by offering scholarships to college.  Last night they presented 39 scholarships.  Pretty amazing.

One of the scholarship recipients who spoke, was a young woman (age 18), who has battled this disease for 5 years and it has once again reared its ugly head in many more parts of her body.  She is currently undergoing treatment.  She was beautiful, poised and spoke eloquently.  She even "thanked cancer" for the opportunities it has offered her.  She was not bitter, did not ask "why me".  Instead she choses to "live in the now" and appreciate what each day offers and does not worry about tomorrow.  I think this is the "gift" cancer has given her.  At her tender, young age she gets it. 

Today is your gift.  May you enjoy it fully.