Playing Defense

Alzheimer's disease is messy.  There is not a straight line from diagnosis to death.  I guess it's indicative of how complex the brain is, but the myriad of behaviors that AD produces is mind boggling.  Just when we think we have things headed in the right direction, a new, bizarre behavior appears.  

I prefer to go through life being proactive, taking charge, making plans, playing offense.  AD defies my ability to do this.  The best I can do is react.  I react to the crazy things our parents say and do.  I react to the caregivers who become flustered by our parents.  I feel like I never know exactly what my day will hold because I'm always waiting for the call or text telling me that I need to jump in and play defense.  Luckily my job is flexible enough to allow me to respond when called.  And thankfully I have an understanding husband who realizes that my plans can change in a moment's notice depending on what's happening across the street.  Who knows what today will hold . . .

E- J...I couldn't have said it better myself...and I am so glad to be at work today! Yesterday was going along swimmingly for the duo and our 'house manager' caregiver until 2:00 ish when our Dad took a sudden 'turn'. After insisting that he was 'locked out' of his house (J's house) he wouldn't leave her back porch until granted access to 'his' house. Once house manager lured him home he developed a fixation with the shower and the many 'people' coming to use it. He refused to turn off the water and had even prepped the soapy washcloths for the many guests... Things calmed a bit thanks to house manager's quick thinking but the evening and bedtime hour were rocky. Godspeed today ladies....I'll clock back in at 6:00pm.