Mondays with Jean

K:  My mother-in-law lives in Dallas.  My father-in-law passed away 5 years ago.  They moved here 10 years ago from Cleveland.  She is 91 years old and lives with her mentally challenged 62 year old son one mile from our home.  We are able to drop in on them often but Monday is always dinner at our house!!  

Yesterday offered an extra bonus because my sister -in -law from Seattle was in town for the weekend and she is always up for some fun.  We went to the movies and saw The Meddler, which is a little slow, but cute.  We reminded Mom that there is no talking in the movie theater before we entered!  Suffice it to say on a Monday afternoon there aren't too many movie goers which was just enough to get her going.  As soon as she sat down she started commenting on how "there's not many people here" over and over!  We were in the first row to avoid stairs, etc. so all she had to do was turn, look and comment…over and over!   

The contrast between our two families (mine and the in-laws) is vast but the way we all deal with our parents is very similar.  Having siblings all over the US makes time spent together even more special and I think as we all age we realize this more and more.   Last night the table was full with three of Mom's six children and three of her grandchildren too.  It was great.  Mom was in her happy place and just kept telling everyone "I love you" which is really the nicest thing to hear, over and over!!  She is an amazing woman and I look forward to sharing more of her stories with you in future blogs.