Name calling

E-We were always taught, "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all". Our Mom was always polite.  She expected her kids to be respectful and her girls to be extremely polite. So name calling was less than acceptable. I know at least 2 of us served punishments which included writing 150 times " I will not say bad words" and/or "I will not interrupt adults while they are talking".

Presently our Mom has become quite the potty mouth towards just about everyone. She does not discriminate when throwing around biting phrases like "you're such a birdhouse", "I think you're a real frenchie" and most recently pointing at my son and announcing"now that's a big rear". Thankfully my son is aware of his continued growth and the others who experienced this harsh treatment understand this fierce tongue. So yesterday when I was attempting to divert our Mom's attention from kitchen clean up (ie pouring liquids into gas range, shoving food into wine fridge) by kindly requesting help with folding laundry, she replied "well you're such a schmuck!"

We all get a good laugh out of all of the above and then she quickly settles into folding laundry. She can still fold all fabrics like a champ and for that I am so thankful! Often refolding baskets that she previously professionally folded....we can successfully save the kitchen appliances!