The Winter Glove and Cap Caper . . .Continues in to Spring

E- We are so so so fortunate to continue with winter temps in April,  therefore the game of 'hide and seek' for hats and gloves persists on a daily basis for our Dad. For a brief time the temps allowed us to hide all caps, wool hats, gloves and mittens...but after the allegations of "thievery, break-ins and large groups of people" specifically targeting our Dad's winter wears we had to reproduce the wardrobe. B&E and pocket picking doesn't only occur in my home, he's been robbed of his warmth in church, the grocery store, during car rides and even at the hands of caregivers!! the blink of an eye the disappearance of one glove will derail the entire day and lead to retracing all steps of the day. Our community church has been unlocked after a knock on the Rectory door requesting a sweep of the place for the one freaking glove.

Fortunately our caregivers quickly alert us so we can all weigh in with MacGyver-like strategies to solve the mystery prior to heads exploding. Tonight it happened again. Gloves were required for the evening stroll and this time the heat was on because the Mrs was on the road solo while the caregiver and I frantically searched for the SET of gloves. A missing pair raises the few hairs on our Dad's neck because this was clearly a targeted snatching. Luckily I recalled a quick conversation with our tallest caregiver who informed me of her use of the highest of hiding spot in all of the castle.....and there they were... practically glowing up there on the top shelf of the closet...I scaled my way up there hoping to not lose all of my front teeth and (needless to say) saved the entire evening....

to be continued...because there was more excitement after the walk (as one would expect).