Make New Friends, Take Two

We did not grow up with lots of "mom and me" outings as kids.  So now we enjoy taking our mom for mani's and pedi's every couple of weeks.  It is always novel for her, and the people at the nail salon are very kind to her.  So when we were leaving the salon the other day, my sister and I were taking our time getting our things together, knowing that the staff had their eyes on our mom.  Or so we thought. . .  We looked up to see mom walking out of the salon with someone else's coat, despite already wearing her own.  She seemed genuinely surprised when I told her she couldn't leave with it, but I explained property laws in Ohio etc. and she finally relented.  

I escorted her out to the car and left her by the passenger side, instructing her to get in.  I had barely taken a deep breath as I rounded the car to the driver's side when I looked over to see her getting in . . .the car next to mine!  And, as luck would have it, the driver was IN the car!  I hurried back to the passenger side, but by the time I got there mom was already busily going through the papers on the front seat of the stranger's car.  Luckily, the stranger, John (now our new friend), was nonplussed by the intrusion and happily helped me get mom into the correct car.

Two take aways from this:  One, you never know where you will make a new friend and two, idle hands, no matter how well manicured, are the devil's work!