K: To piggyback on yesterday's post, size was always an undercurrent in our home growing up. One of Dad's favorite sayings (under his breath) was "they are not afraid of the fork and knife" which was not a flattering remark if made to you!  Having 4 daughters who weren't "afraid" I am sure led to internal stress for him!  

Mom was always weight conscious too.  She had the bowl of carrots and celery at the front of the fridge and always encouraged us to make good choices when eating (especially after school).  She maintained a size 4 most of her life, to her credit, by walking and watching!

Now that ALZ has taken over, we are throwing forks and knives to the wind and digging in!  Over the Easter holiday I watched her take the chocolate easter bunny's ears AND head off in one bite and she didn't stop there.  Within a few minutes the bunny was buried in her belly!  As I washed her hands and face, I smiled to think what joy that bunny must have brought her after so many years of just "eating the ears"!  

Today's shout-out goes to Chico's for their sizing.  You see a size "2" equates to a 12-14 but in our new world, it's all good!!