Doubling Down on Dinner

E- Our Dad has a hollow leg. No question. As a competent man he had a great appetite for the meat and potato but this new insatiable appetite is mind blowing. This is yet another symptom of dementia that is quite common. Last night I plated a salad, chicken and rice for the duo. After each of them joined the clean plate club and emptied their cocktail glasses I cleaned up the kitchen. We had many discussions regarding taking a walk. Our Dad made it as far as the garage a few times but always circled back for 'something'. My husband and son walked in soon after the third lap was underway and B offered Dad some dinner....yep. An entire second plating including some red wine for round two. And there he was...warming the same chair at the island eating the same dinner again.

I guess I would rather have this appetite issue versus the array of dietary and dining symptoms that also present themselves in some dementia patients. One more reason why I am so happy to have them here rather than participants in the geriatric food fights and screaming matches that take place in facilities. We are one lucky family (and that's no joke).