The Gift of Dementia

Alzheimer's disease is awful.  It hollows out the victim and leaves only their shell.  Their personality, their memories, everything that made them who they were, is slowly stripped away.  It is heartbreaking to watch.  We have had ring side seats over the past few years.  One of the saddest parts is that our parents did everything right, right up until they were diagnosed.  They ate right, they exercised regularly, they saved their money.  And now this.

So if there is a silver lining to the disease it is this: today is the only day promised to me.  I need to live it fully and enjoy it all.  Diet, exercise and cautious spending are important, but living for the moment is too.  People have asked if I would want to know if I'm going to get AD.  The answer for me is no.  I would rather live each day to the fullest and hope for the best down the road.  Like Tim McGraw says, I need to live like I'm dying.