Make New Friends, But Keep the Old . . .

Walter Winchell said "a true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out".  This is never more true than when dealing with people with Alzheimers.  Our parents' true friends have been such an amazing blessing to all of us.  A day in the life of a person with Alzheimers can seem to be 100 hours long.  There is just so much time to fill, and so little to do.  So when a friend drops by, or calls , the day brightens and the time seems to move a little faster.  And even though they might not remember the visit tomorrow, or even tonight, for that moment, our parents are happy.  And that make everything easier.

 We know that it's not easy to see our parents in their diminished capacity.  Lots of their friends have shied away from them because of this.  A couple pieces of Alzheimers advice: If you're thinking about visiting someone with Alzheimers, do it.  There is never a bad time. Any interruption in the day is a welcome interruption.  Don't feel like you need to come laden with gifts, your presence is gift enough.  Don't feel like you need to have a litany of conversational topics ready.  You can revisit the same topic over and over again.

 I'm pretty sure visiting the homebound is a corporal work of mercy.  So if you're low on corporal works of mercy, find an Alzheimers patient and drop in on them.  Everyone wins.