It takes a village....

E- Yesterday the day shift caregiver had a family emergency so we had several hours on our own with our folks. We were always taught to make the best use of your time and accomplish as many tasks as possible during the waking we did. J and I cleared out all the winter clothes from our parents closets while our Mom randomly put several items of clothing on along with some Rosary beads. We would all discuss "now where did this outfit come from" and each of us would weigh in with a reply. Following this activity we took a long walk together (sans the Rosary beads). My son took over from there with our Mom (and lots of laundry to fold) and my husband took our Dad golfing. Dad was quite anxious yesterday awaiting "the appraisal" so golf was short lived. Our brother popped in for a visit as well. The afternoon ended with a volunteer position that we secured for our Dad. Each Sunday he's invited to pack boxes of food which are distributed late night to the homeless of Cleveland. So yesterday my husband and two of my boys accompanied him and together they completed their duties for the less fortunate of our city. 

We have a great village. It's big and strong and I hope it only gets bigger and stronger. 

Thankfully we are documenting these events I am blogging our Dad just asked "what day is it?" and our Mom answered "It's Saturday G, holy cats!"