Best Efforts: From Coconut Oil to Coloring Books

The other day I ran into a friend I haven't seen in a while.  She asked about our parents and I gave the standard "they're doing ok, you know this disease only goes in one direction" answer.  She is a huge proponent of controlling your health through diet and she started peppering me with questions about our parents' diet and if we were doing all we could dietarily to maintain their health.  I had to admit we are not.  When our mom was first diagnosed, we researched diets that could stave off the awful effects of the disease.  We bought large tubs of coconut oil and made sweeping plans to revamp their diets.  They did not last.  Our mom was not a fan of "the white stuff" and our dad did not want to eliminate the meat and potatoes that he has always enjoyed.  They both enjoy a cocktail, and they would not be denied these.  So our resolve wavered.  And then our resolve dissolved.

We've tried other tactics to maintain their brains.  Puzzles, coloring books, word searches - we've given them all a shot.  But none succeeded in grabbing their attention for more than a minute and some aggravated them a lot.  The coloring book caper that we so cleverly devised as "our sons' service project for a local hospital" never went anywhere.  (But the caregivers did enjoy coloring!)

So at the end of the day, I have to admit that we are not doing all we could be doing.  But are we doing the best we can do?  Of this I am certain.