The Lanz Lady

E- The nightgowns over clothes has now become a daily event with our Mom. As soon as she's missing from the kitchen area it's almost safe to assume that she's messing with the gown. And if she presents herself first, she does it with style! Posing and saying "Ta - Da" as she steps into the kitchen with the gown all buttoned up to her chin. One of the boys will ask "Grandma, are you going to bed?" And she'll immediately answer with some variation of "well yes, we all are unless you have an egg or something." 

This evening she will need to dress appropriately for a dinner date with all of us. The restaurant selection has to be a relatively quiet setting with the furnace cranked to near 80 for comfort. All diners must be age appropriate to avoid listening to crying or fussy babies. And soup is off the list as she has forgotten how to correctly get the spoon to her mouth. 

Other than that it's just a Sunday Funday for dining with dementia!!