Six Months of Love…...

K:  I realized today while running that it's been 6 months since my parents moved in with my sister and her family.  I thought of all the things I have done in the last six months while they have committed themselves to the care of Mom and Dad.  To say it's been a challenge and at times overwhelming is an understatement.  To say it's the ultimate act of LOVE is a fact.  

Thanks to both my sisters, their spouses and children's selflessness, they have afforded those family members who live away, the peace of knowing that our parents are being well taken care of, as well as knowing what they do from day to day.  

Thank you seems like such an insignificant word to all those on the Parkway.  

For all you do on a daily basis, I am eternally grateful, humbled and SO proud to call you my sisters.   Thank you for your optimism and sense of humor.  Thank you for your daily devotion to the blog and spreading the word of the dire need for more support for Alzheimers.  

 Our parents are very blessed.